What colors could I get in my black hair without having to bleach it?

i have really black hair,

and I was wondering is

there anyway I could put

streaks in my hair with out

bleaching it, and if so...

what colors...

what colors do you think

would look good with my

black hair...

i was kinda thinking of getting fuchsia


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  • i think you would have to bleach for the color to show :/

    i have offblack hair and you know what I do sometimes? I do this all natural lightening with cinnamon. yes, cinnamon, the kind you get from the store. I mix a bunch of cinnamon up with olive oil and I mix it up into a paste (you can add honey too because it lightens a bit) and then I put the paste on my head all day like a deep conditioner. you have to do this multiple times for it to start taking effect and it isn't extreme either. but my hair is like a dark reddish brown now.


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  • Uhh you have 2 bleach the spots you want 2 dye or they won't show up that well

  • red streaks would be cute

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