Ladies: Like or Dislike- Farmer's Tans and Soft Hands?

Farmer's Tans and Soft Hands: Do you see them as turn-ons or turn-offs?

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This is a very split decision lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmm...well, I don't find farmer tans particularly attractive, but they might mean a guy isn't preoccupied with looking perfect, which IS attractive.

    And, I'm not a fan of soft hands...I prefer them manly and a little rough lol...which might go hand in hand with a farmer tan, though...

    Hope that helped! Even if it didn't quite make sense lol


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  • Uhh, well I can't really see how farmer's tans could be a turn on or a turn off, it's just an accidental tan.

    But soft hands? Definite turn on!

  • I like soft hands, but dislike farmer's tans.


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