What is you favorite style of bra to wear?

Why you like it and do you have any other ones other than it you like?


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  • Sport bras. Enough support, but no stupid straps or worrying about breast size 😂

    • Sports bras compress them in so that don't move right so wouldn't that make it uncomfortable?

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    • Oh ok, thanks again!

    • No problem

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  • Usually none, but if I wear on, push-up - because as the name says, everything is pushed up and out :)

    • I like them to for that same reason but it does give us guys false information about how big they are.

    • But if you get to see awesome cleavage, it isn't the worst lie ever :)

    • Lol I do love me some cleavage! ;)

  • I like sport bras for regular everyday use, and lace bras if I'm going out or planning on letting somebody see it later :-).

    • But would they somewhat be uncomfortable because there porpuse is to hold them in firmly?

  • Sport bras are always so comfy, but a good lace bra is always sexy to wear.

    • Sports bras porpuse is to hold everything in firmly so would that somewhat make them uncomfortable?

    • For me no, because I have big breast, so sport bras are the only time my breast are held together like their supposed to, so for me it's comfy

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