What's considered a curvy woman?


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  • A woman with an hour glass frame. It's a shape more than a size.

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  • An hourglass body type is the definition of curvy (regardless the size, if the bust and hips are of an equal size and are by at least 9 inches bigger than the waist then it's considered to be an hourglass body type).

    • What if the bust isn't 9 inches bigger than the waist, which you still consider her curvy?

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    • My measurements are 31.5-22-32, so by definition I'm curvy.
      And I wasn't talking about models, I was talking about average girls. Since the hourglass body type is the rarest, many people don't know what falls under that category. So some girls come to the conclusion that they have an hourglass body type because they see a trace of waistline compared to their chest and butt.

    • That makes sense, your answers help a lot actually. So you're one of the rare kind lol

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