Any tips on how to improve body odor and hygiene in hot summer weather while using public transportation?

Where I live it gets up to 109 in the summer. I take public transportation to get to school and most places.

I used clinical deodorant and it broke me out really bad on both arms.


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  • Shower every chance you get. Use a spray on deodorant. If you're allergic, try a stick deodorant. I'm guessing you've already. If you break out... Shit I don't know. Maybe see a doctor. That's gotta suck!

    • I use Degree deodorant now. It's strong and it doesn't break me out, but unfortunately it's not strong enough for this heat.

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    • Add the humidity and holy shit. I have a shower, and I haven't even dried myself off and I'm already sweating.

    • It gets up to 109 here

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  • bring wipes, a linen spray, perfume, deodorant


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  • I would say shower everyday and wear perfume.

    • I'm always running out of perfume and it doesn't help that I can only afford that dollar store perfume. It sucks

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  • Shower before you go, deoderant, loose clothes but that cover your arms.

    • I get worried when I leave the house though. When I put on perfume and deodorant I'm worried that my sweat will wash it all away

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