Hair dyeing questions?

1. I just dyed my hair with the loreal wild ombre kit today and its not as light as on the picture (i used the one for blondes). Why didn't it lighten enough? I have black hair that was previously dyed dark brown three months ago. And since i ran out of dye today and didn't finish the top part of my hair, i wanted to get another box and dye my hair again (im just gonna finish the parts i didn't dye today and do some highlights, and re dye the parts that werent light enough). Thoughts?

2. You know when you have to wait about 40 mins for your hair to lighten with the loreal wild ombre kit? What if you took like an hour or something just applying the dye, does that count in the 40 mins? Like will the first hairs dyed be more damaged since its been on for much longer

3. Is it alright if i redye the parts of my hair that werent light enough? Or will that be too damaging?

4. How much bleaching can damage your hair? Three times of dyeing within four months? Etc

Any tips on how i can dye my hair light enough to have an ombre? Like what box dyes to use? I was hoping that my ombre would be light enough to be dyed ash blonde to cancel out the brassiness. But nah. Or maybe like a golden blonde ombre. If only my hair would actually lighten up enough...


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  • Any professional will tell you not to box color it. I dyed mine blond once and it came out green. My mom helped me do it again and it chemically burned my hair and it all turned into mush. Get it done professionally, it's 100% worth the money.

  • your hair probably wasn't light enough to start with. I say wait a week and then do the touch ups


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