Do guy's care if a girl doesn't shave her legs?

And I know there's waxing and stuff so that qualifies too but I'm using shaving as the prime example since that's what I do. ^^
  • ALWAYS BE CLEAN! completely smooth, I don't want any nasty hairs to show. (everyday two hours of shavin)
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  • It's fine as long as it's just like a little bristly when I would rub my hand on it. (Every other/2 days)
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  • I don't really care since I put her happiness and comfort first. I mean I don't want man legs though haha, so just grown out enough so I could only see it from like a foot away if I was looking. (Once a week/once every two weeks depending)
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  • Just so long as her legs aren't hairer than mine, I don't mind.
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  • I don't care whatsoever do what you want gurl
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  • I prefer girls to have VERY hairy legs
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Most Helpful Guy

  • My girlfriend didn't really maintain her legs, wear makeup, or try to make herself look nice (shower if its been more than 24 hours). I never said anything about it but it had a small role in why I dumped her after 3 years.

    • Ya xD I don't really expect most guy's to be alright with a woman who doesn't shave whatsoever. But like for me, I get cut a lot when shaving, and those painful bumps, and it's takes like two hours and even then I miss spots not to mention like atm I'm having my menstrual cycle so I really don't feel like doing it... I'm just wondering if most guys are okay with the 3rd option cuz that's what I'm usually like even without a boyfriend. (^^ Which luckily they are lol)
      But yeah, if she put in zero effort to make you happy/comfortable, than she wasn't taking the relationship seriously. I mean it's not fair for a guy to expect girls to go waaaay outta their way, but it's also inconsiderate for a girl not to think of your feelings as well.

    • I dealt with it because I liked her at the time but it definitely would have been nice if she had taken better care of her appearance. It was a turnoff. A good amount of guys won't make you do anything about it but I'm fairly sure they'd appreciate it if you shaved your legs every few days.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm a female and I think it's better to shave. But hey do you.


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What Guys Said 5

  • I think it's nice if she had no hair on her legs and arms, I mean it's her choice. A little stubble on her legs is fine if i know she's gonna shave it soon.

  • I care, i would rather not sleep next to Chewbacca 😶

  • I'm okay with it

  • Not bothered in the slightest

  • Yes I don't want a girl with hair on her legs


What Girls Said 2

  • most care it

  • They do care, but not as much as we think they do


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