Ladies how do you make yourself look "elegant"? What should and what shouldn't I wear? Like a French style?

Some girls just look so elegantly well put together, how do they do that?


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  • It's who they are


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  • They take care of themselves.
    - get a clean hairstyle that suits you, probably in a natural color
    - get a mani/pedi, it will make your hands and feet look much more feminine and you'll look more dressed up & put together
    - wear just a touch of jewelry (don't overkill it)
    - if you want to look elegant, avoid baggy and overly casual clothes such as hoodies.
    - Get yourself some nice ass shoes so you don't look like a hobo. I recommend lolashoetique. They're cheap, decent quality, and their shoes are niceee. Find a nice flat pair and a nice pair of heels that you can dress up or dress down.


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  • Here is what to consider wearing:
    Tailored clothing, in other words clothing with structure
    Pointy heels/shoes or mules
    Designer bag
    Accessories with a small metallic detail
    Bright red or wine brown nail polish if you're wearing black to make reference of Louboutin's signature colors
    Having an overall semi formal to formal minimal style
    The site above helps to give inspiration about how to look elegant

  • nude and tan colors, trench coats , berets etc


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