Flat hair?

This question is for girls who have naturally really wavy/curly hair. To feel more confident about myself I need help figuring out how to style my hair. I have shoulder length hair and short side bangs (i'm letting them grow so I can eventually get them to look like this link I recently got Tresemme curl definition shape and shine. I tried it for the first time today and I was pretty happy with how my hair turned out except it was kind of flat on the sides. And I am absolutely useless when it comes to styling my side bangs. I tried them super straight, but it didn't look right. It didn't look right because whenever they grow out more my beautician is going to cut them at more of an angle. Right now they are basically regular straight across bangs on the side, so they really aren't cut at an angle because they aren't long enough yet. When I dry them and use the round brush it looks Ok except the ends stick up everywhere.

So my questions are"

How can I make my hair not so flat?

How can I style my side bangs?

that's me on the first day I got my bangs cut. I want them to look like that again but I can't figure out how.


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  • I used to have bangs like that too. I used to use a big round brush, like three to four inches wide and blow dry it inwards, if you do it outwards it'll look good too,

    since hair is flat. big round brushes is the way to, don't go with the straight looking brushes.

    oh and when you wet your hair don't comb it just put some conditioner on and let it dry on it's own, then you can style it, just a tip for volume.

    Hope this helps

    • Thanks I'll try it :)

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  • definitelyyyyyy scrunch it! I wouldn't use any scrunching spray or mousse. Use leave-in conditioner and def get the "dream curls" spray. Its amazing.

    Scrunch your hair by flipping it upsidedown and squeezing it up.do this until it is fairly damp. Then spray the dream curls on it and do it again until its dry! It is like magic.

    scrunch a little bit of biosilk in to define your curls. As for your bangs, they should curl in with the rest of your hair, but if not, just straighten them to the side. Turn your straightener inwards when you do it so its not like flat!

  • if you want your hair fuller and curlier scrunch it while it is still wet after you put product in. I've gotten great results scrunching while my head is upsidedown!