Will a girl ever go out with me if I still wet the bed :(?

Every time I sleep I have an accident and I don't even know how to save my bed and clothes. I went to the doctor to find out what was wrong and he said there isn't anything wrong.If I continue to wet the bed how is a girl ever going to like me :( Sometimes I have an accident in the day too.


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  • If this helps at all you could always wear a diaper at night. and I would date you.

    • I took your advice, thank you. would you really date me?

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  • Hello,

    you need to seek medical help with this problem.. however so long as you don't do it whist your with the girl and don't tell her you should be ok..

    there are somthing things people just don't need to know

    Good Luck

    - Chris

  • Seek another experienced doctor.

  • I see three possibilities here:

    1. This is true, but you're not giving all the facts;

    2. You're telling the truth and your doctor suffers from profound Down's syndrome.

    3. You're a lying, sack of sh*t troll.

    I know which way I'm betting.