How bad is it really?

I have acne scars and cut scars from fighting on my face but I want to know how bad it really looks from a female standpoint. by the way don't judge the smile I was high as hell tbhhow bad is it really??


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  • Wahhhh (0o0) That's Bad Dude.

  • If I find someone attractive, acne doesn't bother me at all - it would be hypocritical of me especially since I have moderate acne. In general I don't even really notice acne on others or think anything of it especially if the rest of them is attractive.

    • do you think most st females would have the same view point as you or wat?

    • Most likely as long as you have a healthy body, and good personality traits. If it bothers you a lot, try to improve other aspects of your self that you can control, for example working out (if you already don't) and improving your personality. If the rest of your body ( and personality) is decently attractive acne won't deter someone from liking you.

    • I mean I'm not six pack Rodney but i am a bigger muscle type if u know what I mean like overweight but not a belly to show type of thing. and I'm an insecure person but I don't let that show in my personality believe me I would never ask this irl

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