Does it sound like I'm unattractive?

Cause I can't get the hot guys to approach me..? only sleazy I have to act slutty? or I'm just unattractive? it makes me a bit upset and I know it sounds stupid..

I'm just kidding about the slutty part..i won't do that anyway
oh sorry I forgot to mention :in clubs..


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  • Never act like anybody you aren't, ESPECIALLY slutty. You have your dignity, and most women I know who act slutty regret the day they started.

    I'm betting that you carry yourself in a lady-like manner which is a BIG plus! Most guys our age aren't ready to handle that and get intimidated. But that's not your concern. If they're not ready, not your problem!

    I know you feel a bit upset and you think your question sounds stupid, but it's not. I would say that it's normal to question yourself when other people don't respond the way you'd like them to do. So take advantage of this time! Figure yourself out; what do you want to do in life, and if a specific guy has a place in your life that you would be willing to share with him. Eventually, the right hot guy will come around.


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  • u can always approach them...

    • How many girls really approach guys in clubs?

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    • U's usual that girls approach guys in clubs? what do they do?

    • Just grab his hand and ask if he wants to dance

  • Not sluty but a few smiles and stares to the guys you like would help.

    • Well when I look at them but they are not looking at me..i'll just look away anyway..

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    • If you give me details about what kind of guys you like and where you meet them maybe I could help. And I think that nermalinda was right in the first part. Maybe you are too sexy and they think they don't have chances with you.

    • I highly doubt it..they are goodlooking guys how can they not have this little confidence? I don't think I'm too sexy..and by the way don't guys want sexy girls and think they are easy anyway?

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  • If you're only getting approached by sleazy guys, it could mean you're sexy. Sometimes only sleazy guys will approach cuter girls because more normal guys are too shy. The creepers think, well I have nothing to lose, so I don't care if she rejects me, I might as well give it a try.

    If you want to attract a certain type of guy, try to see what kind of girls they ARE talking to. See if you can make your style just a little more like that. Usually sleazy guys don't go as much for the more shy girls who are dressed more laid back.

    My advice is to try out different looks and see what happens.

    • The girls they are talking to..beautiful? I donno..they all look the same..i mean black dress super high heels smoky eyes or something.... I can't tell which type of girls they are..i guess because I'm not a guy..i don't know what's in those girls..

    • Good advice

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