Ideal shoulder width?

This is mainly directed towards girls.

Girls, what do you mean when you say "guy with broad shoulders"? I know the general meaning, but I want all the of the extensive details. Be as descriptive as you can. What's the ideal shoulder width that attracts you the most? What is too much? What is too little?


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  • Generally, what I've observed, it seems to be "broader than hips", which makes sense given excess fat would be deposited on belly and hips, making that change.

    I, however, just want someone big enough I can rest my head comfortably on their shoulder. As long as the SO is a comfy pillow as well, I'm happy.

    • So you don't care about the numbers, ratios, and specifics? Can you provide a picture of a guy you think has the ideal width?

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    • No worries. I correlate emotional attraction with physical, too. I was speaking for exclusively sexual basis, though. Decent answer. I'm personally very weirdly built. I look like a fucking mannequin. My shoulders are weirdly wide, and my thin waist and tight hips do nothing but exacerbate it. It never really impressed anyone but guys into bodybuilding. I specifically inquired about shoulder width because I've noticed girls throwing around "I love broad shoulders on a guy" a lot, but I haven't seen any of that love. I guess they're just referring to guys who look like they're strong, or have strong shoulders, not too much actual width. I remember one girl mockingly called me Johnny Bravo when I was in the midst of my growth spurt one time, and how it hurt me a lot as a kid. Now it's funny, though. Anyways, thanks for the help.

    • Yeah, definitely on that strength look. I know a lot of girls think really muscly/bodybuilding guys (Schwarzenegger at prime, etc) look kinda gross, shrink wrapped or the like. I'm not a health expert, but maybe a bit of extra weight might help balance the thin waist? Or try wearing baggier shirts or jackets that fall off the shoulder and make you look more balanced. Best luck to you, dude!

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