How can I get my thick hair grow back?

1,5 years ago I used to have extremely thick and a lot of hair on my head, but now it's less, seems way thinner and it's frizzy. How can I get my thick hair grow back?
Some details:
1. It's probably not genetics because my family (both father and mother side) are known for thick beautiful hair.

2. I became extremely stressed in the past 1,5 years and I am still stressed

3. I started eating extremely unhealthy in the past 1,5 years

4. I used a blow-dryer every day for the past 1,5 years

Now I take Vitamin B supplements, Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins and I use Mane 'N Tale shampoo for 1 month now. I really want my thick hair back guys, will it grow back?


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  • Yes it will, stop stressing eat your greens apply coconut oil eat your vitamins don't ever blow dry your hair let it air dry it'll be fine

    • but I have been taking these supplements and starting to eat healthy for a month now and I don't see any change :(. And whenever I apply coconut oil it seems like I got way more hair loss

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    • OMG! I will definitley try this. Thanks for the help!

    • No problem <3 I watch a lot of hair care stuff on YouTube so hope it helps

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