Guys am I attractive?

Ok I just havta know. Guys am I attractive?

Take a look at my icon and tell me the truth, be honest!

I have been told I am 'cute' but mostly only by my guy friends. And have actually had guys at the bar look at me and say "EWW" right to my face. So yeah just curious!



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  • Hey ok so I'm female but I just wanted to share an experience with you. But firstly I will say that you have a pretty face.

    So yeah I had a couple of guys come up to me at the bar and say rude things. I've had the following

    "What is WRONG with your face?" and "Why are you so ugly" to name a few. I was upset at the time because hey, no one likes to have those sorts of things said to them BUT I know I can't be that ugly because if I was people would double-take when they saw me in the street. I'm not a monster, I am an acquired taste because of my hair-style, make-up and piercings and I don't care a bit. I wouldn't want to be associated with someone that said such awful things anyway.

    You're lovely, believe it about yourself. x


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  • There are those who would be cruel and do that. Both male and female. Who cares what a "bunch of drunks" think?

    Ok, so if all of the guys here voted, and deemed you ugly, would that hurt? Probably. But realize this:

    1) They're basing it off looks. In this society, a lot of importance is based on looks. If you're short and ugly, like I am, the choices and options become a lot more difficult. Guess who would get hired in most jobs? The good looking one, even with less credentials.

    It's easy to be duped by fake kindness and yes, even physical appearance. We all do it to a degree.

    2) When I take a picture, sometimes I can feel like I look different. Even sometimes a few days later. You take a picture with bad lighting and you look horrible. But you take a picture of you at your A game, with wonderful lighting, and it's a great pic.

    3) Are you attractive? That's a big question. If you want honest truth, and a grade (and I don't know why my opinion would count) Based on my interests, on physical looks alone, you'd probably get a B-. Based on the picture, you're nice looking just above average. Are you "hot?" It depends on who's defining "hot" here. To me, you've got this kind of Keri Strug kind of cuteness. A youthful good natured "perky" look, like some of my neighbors have. And you can work with that, which is something great.

    Male definitions of cute and females definitions are different, even mine is a bit different from another guys.

    Are you attractive? I've never met you, so I can't say other than what I get from a tiny little picture. You could be the nastiest cruelest girl in the universe, and that would play a HUGE role in how I saw you as a person. And if you were one of the kindest most gentle women I had ever met; someone who did charity stuff and took care of her man when he was down. that'd play a huge role in how I rated you in attractiveness.

    Now, with all that being said, what does my view of your physical looks matter to you? I'm some dude who could be a total jerk. I could be a habitual liar. I could have some mental problems. Or I could be a sweet guy. I could be honest, but you don't really know. So online people. why would it matter what they think?

    If I were some hunky guy in your impression (trust me, I'm not), my opinion would probably matter more to you than if I was dry heave ugly. So do we all have to show ourselves, and have you rate us so that you can determine how much our opinions matter to you? I gotta say, it shouldn't. I know it does. Probably a bit for everyone. We all like to know that people think we're at least decent looking, right?

    Let me tell you. If you're mature, and you're kind and honest; if you do things for your man because you love him, if you don't pick fights over little things, and if you're faithful and sweet, unselfish, fun loving and responsible about things, and you have an awesome sense of humor, then heck yeah, you are incredibly beautiful.

  • Its all a matter of taste. From what you've given me I'd say you are. You really can't count on what a guy at the bar says, he might be completely wasted. Beer goggles don't just turn ugly girls pretty, they can have the opposite effect.


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