Hey, what's your idea of handsome?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Taller than me, brown hair, dark green eyes, nice smell, sweet smile, has abs and most important good character

  • Sharp jawline. Nice eyebrows that are medium sized. No baby fat. Straight nose. Smooth chin (no cleft, if you want specifics). Tall (I think 5 foot 10 or over is tall). Dirty Blonde hair and light colored eyes. V shaped body. Broad shoulders but not too broad. Slightly muscular but not very.

    • We've the same taste in handsome except that I thinks black/dark brown hair and brown eyes are a nicer feature. I also thinks tan looks good.

What Guys Said 1

  • What I finds good looking on men:
    - Black/Dark brown hair and brown eyes
    - Tan
    - Defined strong jawline
    - Narrow and straight nose
    - Dark brooding eyebrows, natural arched, medium
    - A fit body. A bit muscle, but not too much or little.
    - Good symmetry
    - Well proportioned face with well-proportioned features (Not too big or small)
    - Stubble or short well-trimmed dark beard
    - Tall (Preferably 180. But 170 is decent)

    My definition on handsome is a very good looking man. As long a guy have some of these features he can be good looking. He don't need to have all of them. Chris Hemsworth for instance is handsome in my opinion and he's not dark, but blonde.

    Examples on men I finds handsome:


    Never been a One Direction or boy band fan. But can still see if a guy looks good.


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