What will happen if I use this on dyed hair?

So the Clairol Nice n Easy Frost and Tip Highlight Kit said to not use on coloured hair. My hair is coloured (it's currently dark brown but my natural hair is black). What will happen if i do use it on my hair?


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  • shaving your head like that bruce wills...


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  • That is a highlighting kit. Be VERY careful using it on dark hair, as it can cause damage and breakage.
    Using it over dyed hair is not a good idea. You've already coloured your hair a shade or two lighter than your natural hair colour, meaning that hair colour it's self is likely to cause dryness, damage, etc.
    I wouldn't recommend using the highlighting kit over dyed hair. Not only for the sake of your hairs state, but also the colour will NOT be as you hope for. Because you have the brown tone already in it, and your hair is naturally dark, leaving the product on for the length of time it'll take to highlight it will not work out, and your hair will be fried!
    Plus, using it over hair colour will make the shade off. It likely wil not be blonde, it may be coppery, red, uneven highlights that will look terrible. I wouldn't risk it. I have had many years with experiencing damaged hair, bleach failures and colour dryness from over processing my hair.
    If you want highlights, let your natural hair grow out and have some lightened at a professional salon. Please do not try this yourself, those kits never work like they say!


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