Did he mean it or just looking for easy quicky?

Me and my boyfriend broke up because he was going far away for a few months for work experience and we thought it would be best to break it off I really liked him and he said he loved me

After about 2 months we had barely talked since the break up and I got a text super late at night from him asking weird questions about if I loved him when going out, I answered and he didn't reply the text night I asked him what he meant by it and I had to convince him to tell me and he was all like I really miss you and stuff and said he wanted to see me again I agreed but we were both busy when each other were free that day and he said he couldn't do any other time because he was going back to his work experience the next day! I thought he was looking to get back with me till he said he was going back, my mate says he was just looking for sex, I really don't want to believe that is it true?


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  • Theres no way of knowing. When your still young your not sure what you want (at least with most people).

    When you say "we" though it would be best to break things off when he went away, was that a true we in that you both thought you didn't want a long distance relationship? or the protective we (e.g. talked into it by friends and your boyfriend?).

    It sounds like, if you both agreed to break up, that neiter of you where "invested" in each other at that time. Its possible being apart he has realized what he had given up so easily? though your mate could well be right.

    All I would suggest you do is see "how" serious he is about things. You texted him back so presumably gave him his answer. Think about that answer.


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  • Generally not a good idea to get back with exes. You had a reason for breaking it off--remember it! There's a chance he really means it, but there's also a chance he's telling you what you want to hear because he's got other intentions. So, be careful, take it super slow if you get back with him. If he really likes you he should understand.

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