What can I do about frizzy hair?

So I straighten my hair every time I go out. Which is almost everyday. Like to go to the store or out with friends or whatever. But I hate to since it's so time consuming. I have thick hair. It's a nice wavy/curly. But it's also VERY frizzy. Any suggestions? What products can I use?


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  • I had a "reverse" procedure done to my hair. It opens up the curls and doesn't make it frizzy. This is my hair, please don't mind my face

    • I also use this Ecolife 6 in 1 hair lotion. It's a white and pink bottle. Well the cap is pink

    • Then I style my hair and then apply hair gel

    • You should stop straightening it too. It'll only make it even more frizzy and can damage your hair.

  • Try a keratin shampoo


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