Make Up, NO Make Up?

Does it really matter to boys? I naturally have freckles, not enough to cover my WHOLE face, but still I have freckles, their light colored and I have pale guys like that? Or should I continue trying to hide them with foundation, powder etc.


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  • no makeup

    i think a girl is more attractive when she's comfortable enough with herself not to. it doesn't make you look like some claim it does. I think it does the opposite. ever see someone who is NEVER seen without makeup, I'm talking caked on her face 24/7. and then one day you end up seeing her without it and she looks like a different person? that's called fake haha. id go with no makeup, don't hide anything :)


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  • Freckles are very sexy in my opinion

  • Nothing wrong with freckles or pale skin. I dated a girl who refuse to wear makeup of any kind I didn't notice till she told me. I would say don't try to hide the freckles, if you like to wear some makeup my vote is less is more.


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