Why do girls' butts look so good in bikinis?

I'm at the beach, and there is an abundance of nice round butts here. In bikinis. I wish I could spank these girls and be guaranteed it would turn them on. But as it stands they might get mad and cause drama, so it's best for me not to, but these hinds are a real tease
Two of them were walking right in front of me... and I spanked the one whose butt looked sexier!! She got turned on and we hooked up after her friend left. Ladies, I ain't taking your advice anymore


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  • im sure the designers didn't do that on accident

    • Which designers did you choose?

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    • thaaanks for MHO

    • NP thaaanks for writing an opinion deserving of MHO

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  • We're made that way we like their bums and they like ours if an alien saw it they'd probably go "wtf is that" 😂


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