Where Am I From?

Hi guys!
Actually i dont know English very well but im learning.
Well my question is you think Where am i from? So its my photo :D im so excited your answers!
Where Am I From?
Firstly thank you so much for your beautifull comments.
Actually im scared of your reactions but im from Turkey :D
Thank you again


Most Helpful Guy

  • your eyes are gorgeous! Some guy in Turkey is or will be a lucky man if given the chance to be w/ you.♯Wish I was Turkish! 🇺🇸 + 🇹🇷 = 💓😍💞 .. lol, seriously though your really pretty!

    • If you are serious , thank you so much:D
      You are so kind. Also wish i was American. I love their people and country

Most Helpful Girl

  • European... ( i am European myself hope I didn't fail lol) let me know 🕊
    You are adorable 🍓pie

    • Thank you so much for your beautifull comment<3

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