Have questions on how to wear girl clothes?

I said in a previous article that girls who complain about wearing dresses bras and panties are whiney i was told if i thought that i should try it for a week i have questions about
How to properly stuff a bra
What kind of dress should i wear
Should i do make up
Should i use a wig
Should i wear high heels or regualr shoes
The original article is called bra, panties, and dresses hard to wear


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  • silicon bra inserts: they sell them on wish for like $2
    you can get some nice cheap dresses at forever 21
    makeup for me takes about an hour, do brows and eyeshadow first to make sure there's no fallout from the eyeshadow on your face (watch youtube tutorials), then do eyeliner mascara, face primer, foundation, concealer, power, bronzer for contour (in a 3 shape on your cheeks), highlighter on the highpoints of your face like cheekbones, nose, chin, forehead etc.

  • Why would u want to?

    • Girlfriend thinks it is a good idea
      It is becoming more of a playful thing for her

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