I need help with this girl?

ok so I met this girl over facebook through a friend and she is amazing. we chatted and texted for a week or so and then met up, got some lunch, and watched a movie together, then she left, but she went out of country and ill be going out of country, and I probably won't see her till mid august and we have plans to chill already. Now I think she may be kind of interested in me from the way she acted and she seems real cool. for example, I held her hand during the whole movie. But it was as friends I think. the thing is she is known to be kind of a whore but only with hooking up. she's been to third once. but she hooks up a lot or so I hear. but I mean, I don't care, she is amazing and I really would like to become more than friends with her.

Question 1) what is your opinion on going after this girl for more than just a hook up?

Question 2) How do I know if its OK to kiss her? or like whens she's ready?

Question 3) How do I kiss her? I know physically, but like just try to hug her and look her in the eyes? she is short and I am tall so this could be a problem.

Thanks everyone and I appreciate any advice. :)

don't get me wrong she is the prettiest girl ever and her personality is ridiculous. she is so cool


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  • If you know she's a whore, I doubt she'd have a problem kissing you. How cool is a person who is a whore? Why would you want to be with a girl who has a reputation like that? What kind of girl do you want? You sound pretty insecure about how she's going to react to you and for someone who hooks up with anybody - Are these just rumors or do you know this for a FACT? Sometimes rumors are spread about pretty girls out of jealousy. Anyway.. go slow. Just be her friend... don't hurry things. See who she really is before you get physical with her. Hugz.


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  • well yeah... go for it just make sure she's not having any of these hook ups in the mean time. you could try talking to her about why she hooks up like that... don't be too invasive just bring it up in casual conversation and see whether she likes having hook ups or whether she's down for something more substantual. if it gets to one of those moments like when it goes quiet or just the kinda moment when you'd kiss her. just do what you'd do with any girl. get close to her and look at her mouth... you'll know if she doesn't want to if she tries to fill every silence or if she kinda leans away from you. good luck :) x

  • Answer 1: People are judged by their company. If she has got the repuatation of a whor, do you really wanna be with her? I suggest you find someone else. You never know, she might be a great friend. There are heaps of fish in the sea, you might find other girls. Have you noticed how she might only like you because of this reputation? A hook up is not enough. There is more to a relationship. Its up to YOU to decide :)

    Answer 2: Dude... kisses are a bit far off. If she looks at you, and then blushes or hastily looks away, or looks at you for around 2 seconds, then its fine to kiss her. Please do it in private though, you never know what others might think. Kiss her outside for the best resluts, perhaps under some natural beauty.

    Aswer 3: Eyes closed, bend your back a bit, she will have to stand on tip toe.


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  • 1) I hope the rumor about her being a whore is not true. If it's true she will probably hurt you. You can't have relationships with these girls they get bored easily and move to the next guy.

    2) If she gets her face close to you she wants a kiss. But you don't have to wait for that. You can also touch her gently in the face and bring her close to you when you are alone and then kiss her. Just try and if she doesn't want you to kiss her she will make it clear to you.

    3) Everyone has his own way to kiss. Some close their eyes some don't. And your height is not a problem trust me :)

    Good luck