Why can't he look at me?

Okay I was in a relationship for almost three years. He just moved out one day. His excuse was he was not comfortable at my house anymore. He told me he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore with me or with anybody else. That was two months ago. Okay then one day I saw him and he looks terrible he has lost weight he was already skinny then you can see it in his face that he is not doing well neither am I. I asked him what was going on with us and he said that he just didn't want to be in a relationship with me or any other girl. He said he didn't have anyone else. All of my friends see him by himself. But when he was telling me this he wouldn't look at me no eye contact he kept touching his face looking else where but at me. he wanted to hurry up and leave my sight. I admit I was very upset he didn't give me closeure so that I can move on with my life. he did call about two weeks ago asking for something that was left at my house at 11pm 07/05 then I dropped it off but I didn't make any eye contact. it hurts me so much to look at him it's like someone is ripping my insides out with a wrench.but as soon as I got home he called saying that he was sorry for bothering me at that time of night which made a three minute cell phone call longer that he ever had since he left.i just said OK and I hung up. then he called 07/13 at 12.06am. so I answered my cell and he was wide awake since has to be at work at 6.00am. I told him no he took all of his clothes when he left then he asked me to look again and for the second time I said no. he just said okay sorry to bother and say bye. what is going on with him? But never made eye contact with me.


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  • From what you've said it seems that he is very ashamed about something. Does he only do this with you, or has he become very antisocial in general? There is probably something deeper bothering him that may not have anything to do with you. The next time he calls you, (assuming it's at a decent hour) try to get him talking, don't be direct, even small talk. The next time you talk to him in person, (this is what I'd do anyway) if he again is not looking at you, call him out on it, but as a casual observation, not an accusation as you don't want to be confrontational about it. If he is dealing with something right that's making him antisocial like this, then trying to be his friend might help him. I'm kinda guessing as to the situation here, hopefully this helps.


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