What significance is in the stars?

I climbed up on top of my roof tonight and gazed up at the stars and I keep thinking that if God made the stars that beautiful then maybe there is something more to them? We don't know anything about them except their beauty. I think maybe they are angels looking down at us making sure that we are alright in everyday life. Maybe they are other worlds and we are just one of them. What do you think of the stars?


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  • Stars would be too hot to be another world, that's where the other planets in it's solar system, orbiting around the star, come in. Astronomers look for "golden zones" or other planets that could sustain life like earth.

    Some stars, we can actually x-ray and take a look inside. But they're giant balls of gas held together by their own gravity and hydrostatic support.

    • This is the answer I was looking for.

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    • It is what you make of it, but in the end, respect it or get (sun)burned.

    • Haha. I like your analogy. Especially the last message. You really did your research on the ancient Greeks and Romans.

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  • Are you joking? What do you mean we don't know anything about stars?


    • I don't mean literally that we don't know anything about the stars, but there are still things that we don't know. Anyways, I was just trying to make a different analysis for once. What I mean is that we only know a star by what it is and not why it is there. How do you distinguish a flower for what it is and what it is made for? I probably sound like an idiot talking like a fool but I think deeply about everything.

    • How do you do that, link a site to a the page?

    • I have no idea. I'm not much of a computer wizz.

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  • I think they're beautiful too, and I feel like going right now to the top of my roof. And I do believe god made things for a reason, and the stars were meant to be lovely the way they are, that's all I got, Ima go to the roof now = }

    But don't like astronauts already know what they are?

    • Are you asking me if I know what astronauts are? =)

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    • You're right it's like a light just turned on in my head.

    • Yeah, its like who are we to answer all the questions in the world? There is so much out there to discover and we haven't even skimmed the surface.