How long after having your hair bleached should you wash it and also use violet toning shampoo?

I had my hair bleached and toned blonde at the hair salon yesterday morning. How long should I wait before washing it? This is my hair:
Also how long should I wait before using violet toning shampoo, and also how often should I use that?
Thanks! 😃


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  • Looks pretty. There isn't a set time until you can wash. If you have hard water or rusty water, you will want to tone wash your hair at least once a week. I really like Matrix for toning. It works really well and the smell is pleasant.

    • Thankyou, the water is pretty soft here, so tone wash it every couple of weeks? Also have you ever tried Provoke touch of silver? That's the shampoo I bought

    • I have not, but they all kinda work the same. Once you get it on your hair, don't "wash" it to much. Kinda smooth it over the hair and let it sit on the hair for 2 to 5 minutes depending on how brassy your hair is. Then scrub around to actually wash the hair and then rinse. The longer you let it sit on your hair the more it will tone.

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