Makeup: Liquid confidence in a bottle?

I assume girls wear makeup to give them more confidence, and perhaps to 'impress' other girls. I really doubt it can be for male attention, because frankly most guys would barely notice/care unless you turned up looking like one of the cast frrom Charlie and The Choolate Factory. Is this the reason? Do you feel that this stuff alters your appearance dramatically at all? If so, do you not feel fraudulent at all, trying to get a guy to like you, yet changing yourself in order to do so?

Guys, Are you like me and prefer natural girls or at least minimal makeup? Does it make girls look like they're trying too hard? Do you think it does make them look better?

Don't we think it's a bit expensive at all for a non permanent, entirely false item which is a pain the in ass to wash out of my shirts btw... I was always sick of meeting up with my girlfriend in the morning and having to sit through school with glitter on my face, because it rubbed off on me.


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  • Make-up is actually related to confidence for me at least, because I used to have mild acne, but as you know, if you have it, you exaggerate it...although my skin is in better condition now, I still wear the same amount of makeup that covers my skin [foundation, concealer, powder] and you can tell the difference when I don' skin tone is uneven, and blackheads/pimples are more visible, if I have some. Even though you don't always realize a girl is wearing make up, there is a 99% chance she is. Make up makes subtle changes if applied correctly, but those changes go a long way.

    • I agree with what you said about guys not knowing of some girls are wearing makeup or not. Some just don't over do it so it's not as noticeable.

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  • Yeah I agree with the whole confidence boosting theory on why some girls wear makeup.

    I usually feel better knowing I have a moisterized face with mascara and concealer on. I'm pretty sure girls could live without makeup. Makeup isn't always meant to completely change how we look, it's used to enhance our natural beauty.

  • Most girls that I know that wear make-up wear it to "cover their flaws". Whether it be a pimple or blotchy skin. I only wear eyeliner and it's to make me look more "awake" just because I feel kind of bland without it, although a lot of times I don't even bother and just go 100% natural.

    I'd say that the girls that DO wear make-up do it for themselves and to feel "prettier".

  • i only wear make up when I'm having a bad day, this might sound a bit odd but if I have a really crappy day and feel ugly I go put on some eyeliner and it makes me feel better, but form day to day if I wear make-up I feel like I'm giving a fake enhanced appearence of myself, I feel the same was towards push-up bras, but if I have a blemish that is very noticable I will cover it but if I wear make up I wear eyeliner, but apply it so it just makes my eyes look a bit more defined and for masscara I apply so you can't tell I'm wearing it unless you study my eyelashes

  • I wish guys who talk sh*t about makeup could really see what 80% of women who wear makeup would look like without any makeup at all. If you did, most of you would stop complaining about makeup and be glad women wear it. Sorry but not everyone is naturally perfect like your dream girl, some women actually have flaws and imperfections and makeup either covers it up or makes it look better.

    • Actually I've seen a lot of girls who say they NEED makeup without it and my god they really don't. I'm in no way glad anyone wears makeup. Even if it did cover up skin problems, it doesn't make the issue go away. I mean guys have their own skin problems and not every guy goes around wearing makeup. I mean guys will moisturise or take care of their skin, but not patch over it. I don't want everyone to be 'perfect', I'd actually prefer flaws, than facepaint, thanks very much.

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