He wants nothing from me?

my ex..its been like a month since I've physically seen him..we ended on not so great terms I think..and he says for me to leave him alone...but last time he said that when we were still dating he wasn't serious..then he says he wants nothing from me..when I'm the one that wants to just remain friends and nothing else...he's made it 100%clear..but he's only texted me it..he's never said it to my face...then he goes sending me a friends request on facebook..that he created a new facebook..all I'm thinking is he said he wants me to leave him alone but he wants to add me as a friend...I'm confused and then what I'm thinking that could be a possibility is that awhile back when we were taking a break from each other..he said and I quote "your friends list on facebook is going to be the 1st I search for cute girls"..help..! I'm confused!


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  • What a jerk!

    He rates girls by `cuteness' as opposed to personality, gentleness; the things that really matter.

    Let him go. He'll leave a trail of destruction behind himself.

    • He's almost 18..and I'm 16..should I accept his request?why or why not?

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  • If he tells you to leave him alone then I would...Im not sure what you want from him, but I think he needs time alone for a while. If your friendship means anything to him, then he will likely get in contact with you when he's ready. I say move on and live your life...if he cares he will get in touch eventually

    • Thanks=)..ths helpd alot...ima accept his frend's request...thn just leave him alone..i'll wait for him to come around