Difference between using Face wash and exfoliating your skin?


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  • A regular face wash acts as a cleanser to clean the skin and clear out your pores. Exfoliating involves a product that is abrasive in order to buff away dead skin. This helps smooth your skin, brighten your complexion, and gets rid of dead skin cells.

    I use both in my regular skin care routine. Most face washes can be used daily but you shouldn't exfoliate too often since it's so rough. I usually only exfoliate once a week, maybe twice if I feel I really need it.


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  • Face wash is very gentle; and can be used daily (I don't recommend though)
    Exfoliating is a bit more "harsh" on the face. Usually done once a week.

    I recommend washing the face with just cold water; and if you can use oats and honey at night.

    If you have blackheads, then that's another thing.
    Also, for exfoliating, using konjac sponge is enough I think, along with oats/honey or something from aveeno/ not scrub.
    I also like oil cleansing method.

  • Face wash takes the daily dirty from your skin. Exfoliator removes the dead skin and its harsh

  • Face wash is intended to remove makeup, dirt, oil and such. Exfoliating removes dead or dry skin that can clog up pores.


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