I'm tired of this...all of this!

I'm tired of...not gonna say it. My life...it was happy. At one time. Now, it's dropped so low...that...I may not make it out of this one. I have to wear f***ing clothes I wore last year for school. I'm crying til my eyes wear out. Nothing has gotten great for me...I just want to die. Fuck ya'lls help...no one's help...theirs never ends out working for a long time. I can never stay happy. Someone always comes and crashes it.

Living...like this has gotten me NOWHERE.


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  • The thing is, most of this world lives in poverty, in that they work for almost nothing, not being able to afford clothes, and they strive hard to provide for their families. Especially with the times right now.

    Put yourself in your mum's position. If she can't afford a whole wardrobe for you, there is a reason. Maybe you two can work something out where she can buy you a few pieces every week. Build up.

    But bottom line is, clothes are clothes, they are a necessity, and it's great to have a variety of new ones, but you were brought into this world without them, and you will die with out them too.


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  • Wait... So your sad because you don't get new clothes? Big f***ing deal priss I get abused by my parents now talk to god and please don't go to suicide

    • Why the f*** shouldn't I! You don't know a f***ing clue half the sh*t I've been through...soo...take your bullsh*t somewhere else!

    • Well then what kinda bullsh*t have you been through my parents divorced they both abuse me and just all kinds of sh*t on a few occasions my dad has hit me hard enough to

      put me on the ground so just start talking to god and don't complain to your mom she is probably already sad enough knowing she can't afford you clothes but hey I don't like to judge but if you want to be shallow to and bitch cause you don't get new clothes just remember this I won't ever get new parents

  • seems lyk you are quite depresssddd...time to hang out with friends ,party ,go to cinema ,

    if none then its time to meet psychatrist...

  • You are clinically depressed. Please see a therapist.

    • I don't give a sh*t what I am. And plus the fact that my f***ing mom can' t afford it. If she can't afford me clothes for next school year then what the f*** do you think!?

    • Just be happy you have a roof over your head. Trying to act like Kim Kardashian isn't going to get you far in life..... and by the way I don't appreciate your bitchy attitude. Maybe that's why your mom won't buy you clothes? Cause you have no respect for anyone.

  • Ha-ha!


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  • "I can never stay happy. Someone always comes and crashes it."

    Your happiness should not be dependent on anyone but yourself. Learn what makes you happy, and f*ck everyone else.

    Also, exercise.. It takes some effort, but it's a natural mood booster.

  • You can't post this kind of thing and then get mad when people respond hon. I'm sorry things are rough, but look at it this way; Rock bottom can be a very enlightening place to be. You can only go up from there, and it gives you time to sort out the important things.

    Dont do anything irrational, you're worth another chance.