How can I stop trying to reach an impossible goal?

I have a huge problem, and that is trying to reach the impossible goal of trying to be perfect all the time. I constantly have been putting pressure on myself to do better, be better, do everything I can right, be proper, be kind and sweet and polite at all times, work harder, etc. I have been trying to get myself to stop myself from constantly trying to be the perfect goody-goody type girl lately, but I think that being that way has become a sort of comfort zone for me. Yes, being kind and polite to people is a good thing, and yes, I should work hard for the things that I want, but I think it's really gotten out of hand for me. Like today, I told a raunchy joke, something I have never done in front of my friends and family and boyfriend, and now I feel so ashamed and so dirty and embarrassed like I did the most terrible thing in the world. I feel really guilty for doing it... And I know that may sound so stupid, but it's how I feel. How can I loosen up?


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  • In your case, loosen up would involve embracing the moment that you can walk away from being productive for the day, and being able to let your hair done.

    There is a time to be at the office, and there is a time to be in the club. You work hard, so you can play hard.

    So enjoy your breaks, venture out the way you want on your off time, and don't think twice about it.


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  • A lot of people feel like you, so don't worry about it. Just laugh at yourself for being so compulsive and then move on! Don't tell any more jokes for awhile, though, so you don't have to feel bad.


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