Do you think strippers should be held to a higher standard?

A few months ago, I went to a strip club cause a friend had a hard on to go for one and was so determined to come with us, it was like a father dressing up for his daughter's tea party. You do it cause you love him and will go through hell to make them happy sometimes.

Hell was called Cheaters. Everything smelled and everything had some odd slime-y film on it, especially the girls.

One waitress came over to me and asked me what I thought of the girl dressed as Marilyn Monroe. I look over to see this girl with a small chest and a big rear. We all know Monroe was known for pretty much the exact opposite, but I figured a strip club was the last place I should judge anyone about anything...

Except the guy she was straddling. Some 300 pound monster in a bean chair. I asked the waitress if she was with Joe DiMaggio, and she didn't get it... cause I was making cultural jokes in a place void of culture.

Anyway, do you feel that if strippers are going to roleplay, they should find a girl who fits the part?
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  • No, you pig.
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  • Dude, I don't think anyone would care if she was playing as Helga from Hey Arnold, as long as she is hot.
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  • You never ask questions, Rich, and we want you to stop. We don't care if Gag keeps egging you on to do so, this shit is disgusting!
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  • You sound like a pretentious fuck.

    • Kinda hard to not come off as pretentious when you start a story at a strip club. I mean, only way to go is up, amiright?

  • No. There's a different body that will appeal to different people


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