OK so I'm 5'5 and never have been able to get a woman that is taller than me. Why is height a huge importance to women?

I need honest answers because there are really a few possible reasons.

1:Can't get over the stereo type of a perfect couple where a man has to be the taller one

2:Taller men can more "man handle" them

3:Stereotype of taller they are the bigger they are below

4:Its actually preference (if so why?)

But how does height effect security and protection?smaller guys defend themselves from a taller man, so all the women that propose the security and protection, watch UFC you will see a lot of shorter guys beating a taller guy. Where is the basis?


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  • Some women can't respect a man shorter than her


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  • Look up the natural sexual selection habits of women online. I read something about this just a little while ago actually. For men, the order of importance goes : Physical > Emotional > Mental

    For women, its: Mental > Emotional > Physical. While the physical was dead last for women, there were a bunch of studies done to find out which physical characteristic is the most important to women. And height was the number 1 most important of all of them. I'm not saying it's fair but it's true.

    However, physical attraction is the last one on the list, so in that respect guys are very lucky. The physical can be overlooked if he has the personality characteristics that we like. Whereas women have to fulfill the man's physical desires first before personality matters. That being said, women overlook a lot more physically than men do, but height is one of the characteristics in which most women don't. It's ingrained.

    However, that doesn't mean girls won't date a little shorter. I have a very tall friend who frequently dates guys 2 inches shorter or so. There are girls who don't care about the height difference. But I'm just keeping it real with you as you wanted an honest answer, while women in general are much more lenient about looks than men are, height is a big one that most women won't compromise on.

    P.S. I'm 5'2 so I don't run into this problem often. My sources are from friends opinions and sexual selection studies in college.

    • Well that can't be tooo true because there have been women I tried talking to that were taller but wouldn't give me the time or day, meaning it didn't matter my mind nor emotions.....simply physical. I'm not saying studies are wrong, but I'm 25 and haven't ran into anything any different since elementry school lol. Its just very interesting how important this is to women.

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    • No I got you on that that is why I said it was very interesting how important it is.

    • I'm 5'7-- I have no fucking interest in being a physically unattractive guy with a "good" personality. Fuck that shit.

  • I'd be upset if the guy was shorter than me, but I'm only 5'3. It's difficult to be smaller than me, unless you are a midget.

    1. I think this one is true...not necessarily to do with the perfect couple, but being genetically programmed to choose partners physically bigger than us. Yes, it's a stereotype, but it's completely right.

    2. Again yes, I want him to be able to lift me up.

    3. I never heard of that one, but who cares about d*** size

    4. Yes, because it's aesthetically more appealing.

  • This question is interesting. I never thought of it like that until now. I guess were genetically programmed to want to be with the opposite sex who is taller than us.

    I'm 5'7. I'm a little on the tall side. And I always look for a guy who is my height or taller. But that's just me. I want to have that feeling of security and be protected.

    I guess we're so used to seeing a taller man with a shorter woman that we automatically think that we need that also.

    As for the stereo type...I have never heard of that in my life. So I can't really comment on it.

  • Security and protection is a mental thing. Nothing else. I'm not trying to compare any guy to a UFC fighter. Those men are trained, and trained very very well.

    • A short guy can't provide mental security and protection? when I used a ufc comparison that was for an example of fighting which I interpreted what you meant in security and protection.

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    • Well that's kinda ignorant to think, but suit yourself, your def entitled to your opinion.

  • They're more cuddly, they have those big bear arms and give you huge bear hugs where you can get lost in. They engulf you with their body literally...which is comforting and adorable. And I simply feel safer with a bigger man next to me. And I don't like the sun so he keeps me in shade too... Haha =)

  • all of the above..lol

  • im quite tall and I feel like guys look for girls who are shorter than them in the same way girls look for taller guys...its a two way street.

    • How'd you feel about a shorter guy who tries to approach you?

    • I don't look only at short girls lol what kind of dumbass would care about a woman's height?

  • i'm 5'2, and I have never really had a problem with being taller than a guy but most girls like their guys to be taller then them because they like to feel small and protected no matter what they say besides why go for taller girls anywyas?

  • well tall guys just make you feel more protected. I don't have a strict height issue, some girls do but some dont. but I have to admit, I'm 5'7 and I like the feeling of being with a super tall guy (like 6'2) because he makes me feel smaller and more feminine and he is big and protective. its a mental thing...thats all I can say. like why do men prefer women who act feminine and soft? we could have a whole debate on that as well

    i've liked guys that were shorter as long as they were confident, good looking and took care of themselves. a lot of ufc fighters and boxers are hot. I've dated quite a few shorter guys as well

    • So from this statement " I like the feeling of being with a super tall guy (like 6'2) because he makes me feel smaller and more feminine" ultimately means that you don't feel feminine with a shorter guy?

      I do understand the smaller feeling, I guess no woman wants to be bigger than her man?...

      And I am curious who said men prefer women who act feminine and soft?

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    • Haha 6'2 ain't even tall

    • I mean "super tall"

  • 1. Because its bad enough to have a bloke talk to your boobs rather your face, let alone have one who's eye level to them.

    2. Taller men are better because they look stronger, more manly and there's the whole thing about being the protector. A short arse isn't gonna cut the mustard, because we'll feel like we're doing the mothering. We have smaller versions of ourselves.

    3. All girls love to wear high heels. Face it, if I'm already 2 inches taller than you in flats, I'm gonna look like a giant next to you in heels and there is no way I'm spending the rest of my life in sensible shoes thank you very much.

    4. Look what happened to Snow White. Poisoned by her step mother for gangbanging seven dwarves and then eventually ran off with a necrophiliac. Cautionary tale for any girl.

    5. Small men generally have a massive Napolean complex.

    6. Most girls just aren't turned on by someone smaller than them, all to do with genetics. We're programmed to go for the healthy looking, strong specimens. Just biology.

    PS average height for girls in the UK and Europe is 5ft 6.

    • Wow, I would never think of Snow White the same way again. The rest of the stuff you said is pretty harsh.

    • Exactly, but look she has 3 people that agree lol

    • Lol is this bitch serious? I'd love to rape this dumb bitch and slit her throat.

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  • Womens average hight in the US is 5"4'

    I don't think its a preference issue but a statistical one. You really limit your choice of partners if you only looking for someone visibly taller then you. I understand having a preference but consider how you missing out on possibilities of good partners just for one physical trait.

    • I'm not looking for someone taller than me, I'm just saying all the taller women I have tried getting to know automatically wasn't interested because I was shorter.

    • Ah I see, well there has been proof to show women feel more attached to a man they feel physically protected by. Its an instinctive reaction. Women favor taller man for many reasons such as social norms and a sense of security. Its not the only reasons but factors that might be acting against you.

      Sorry for the confusion.

  • It just comes down to nature. All women have the desire to feel protected same way all men have the desire to fuck women. Height indicates strength. Imagine a guy who is 6 foot but with the same frame and muscle build as you. Only difference is height. Because he's taller he can bench, squat, lift more even tho he's not necessarily stronger than u in terms of size

  • Women are retarded. How have you not figured that out yet?

  • Dw bro, you can have em hot milfs when we are done with em

  • Just to show how shallow most of women really are, even when they flirt with their men saying things like ohh how I love you and how your soul astonishes me, all BS, women are visual enough that they want a taller partner, I've had a bad time with an ex saying to me: I'm going to look taller than you in heels, so don't come to my graduate party.

    Listen, be confident, and know that love can't be controlled, girls don't really know when it's going to happen to them, their height preference is just an instinctual preference that can get crushed by many other qualities you'd have, prove your body, puff up. And remember that women usually end up with the shortest guy they knew! I heard a short guy once saying: I'm so lucky, I have a chance being with someone's taller more than any guy around! :P it's really fun, and you should also be funny. For the height part, the average heigh for girls in the world is more like 5'3'' or 5'1'', and don't listen to that anony b*tch, take her said points as informative, and work on those things she said, just so you know how some of their brains work.

    • I agree with what you mean that women don't know when love will happen. I have a huge problem with women talking about they want someone to love them and fall in love with, but will rule out a huge section of men because of one preference, and they wonder why they keep running into the same type of guy, its a damn shame.....

      But I'm sorry you had to deal with your ex telling you something rude as hell like that, good she is an ex.

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