Men- who would you rather marry?

An underwear model like Adriana Lima

a girl next door- like Kristen Bell

A daring and creative Girl like- Rihanna

or a curvaceous bombshell like Christina Hendricks

  • Adriana Lima
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  • Kristen Bell
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  • Rihanna
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  • Christina Hendricks
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  • Truth be told, the only woman listed that I'd heard of is Rhianna, and I don't really know anything about her as a person, so I can only judge based on the personality stereotype descriptions given. I don't think I've ever used "curvacious bombshell" to ever describe my ideal girl, so she's out. Now in comparing an underwear model, a girl next door, and a daring a creative girl, the first thing I think is these are not mutually exclusive (ie there can be a girl that meets all three requirements). Assuming you're thinking one or the other let's see: An underwear model has obvious perks, but if it turns out she's like Kelly Bundy (character from Married With Children, dumb blond) then I'd get bored with her really quickly. A girl next door is one of the classic fantasy girls in that she's usually very caring, down to earth, and someone that you like to spend time with, body aside. Now for the daring and creative girl, in comparison to the girl next door, I'm assuming that she's going to be a bit more wild and adventurous. She's going to probably be more fun to spend time with but less down to earth.

    So which between daring and creative, and girl next door? Underwear model is desirable but there needs to be more to her than just that, and a lot of them do have that, but we're assuming not.

    In comparing the two, I'm envisioning Amanda and Kim, the two girls in the movie Taken: the daughter of Liam Neeson and her best friend. First of all, yes I realize that they had too little screen time to become developed characters and that comparing two girls that get kidnapped is a little insensitive but it's what I came up with. Also the fact that one of them is still a virgin has no effect in this comparison. This aside, Amanda (the best friend) is the daring and creative one, and Kim (main character's daughter) is the girl next door. Amanda is the more fun person to be around, she knows how to take chances, go out, and have fun. While Kim is a lot more shy, there to support you, and usually will go along with you after some encouragement. The cons between the two is that the girl next door is more likely to stay behind and pass on things, while the daring and creative girl is more likely to pull a stunt that ends up getting you guys in trouble.

    My choice in the end is the girl next door. Both are fun to be around and while the daring and creative girl is more fun to be around, the girl next door is still someone you want to spend time with. What sets her apart though, is the girl next door is someone I can see myself becoming soul mates with. She represents someone that I'd want to spend the rest of my life with.

    I do realize that if I paid attention to the celebrity world around me this question would've been easier to answer, and sorry if I misinterpreted your descriptions.


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  • Tough one. For me, it might be a toss-up between Rihanna and Kristen Bell. I think both are gorgeous, and I think miss Bell has a charming and bubbly personality. Rihanna is talented and creative. They're both great. Maybe I like miss Bell's personality (from what I've seen) better. She seems very sweet, charming and smart. I like her Veronica Mars character a lot.

  • I'd like a girl next door... I dated my neighbour ironically. But if I was picking from the list of people given Adrianna Lima hands down. lmao

    • Haha, Its more what they represent. Like just a girl who is an underwear model, vs a girl next door type and all that. I just used the celebrities as a reference

    • I know. :P

  • Kristen Bell seems the wisest and lowest-maintainance of those four. She wouldn't try to get sex out of me -- she'd leave me alone and I'd reward her with a kiss goodnight if that seemed appropriate.

    • Would you be the one trying to get the sex out of her? talk about role reversal..unless you look like b pitt.

    • You know not all guys are total horndogs. I require no sex so why would I try and get any? I don't need any kids running around pooping on the nice hardwood floor.

  • This is a great question! I'll do it like a game of f***, marry, kill:

    I'm going to marry Kristen Bell (if ONLY the girl next door looked like her!)

    I'm going to f***, Adriana Lima

    And I'll kill Rihanna (if Chris Brown doesn't do it first! Too soon?)

    Oh, and since you have a 4th, I'll definitely say I'll f*** Christina Hendricks too!

  • Rhianna is a f***ing nutcase so that takes her out

    Lima has a face the looks like it's been hit with a frying pan

    So it will probably have to be a polygamy with Bell and Hendricks :)

  • Preferably a girl who wasn't famous and didn't compare to any celebrity.

  • Doesn't matter who it is. Girl next door always wins for me.

  • Girl next door without a doubt.


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