Which type of girls have you seen like this that have given?

Which type of girls that wear fitted tights, keep poker faced on a player when he tries to igore it and ot look down so she won't notice... have given players serious trouble that you've been surprised at how tough they are/good at it because you didn't think they would get em that easily?
  • I haven't seen girls like that/I have, but haven't seen players try it on em? I have, but none have given players trouble that surprised me
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  • I have. blondes, black tights
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  • I have. brunettes, black tights
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  • I have. blondes or brunettes, tights of other colors
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  • I have. black girls, white tights
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  • I have. black girls, black tights
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  • I have. latinas, black tights
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  • All of the above


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