Bridesmaids - what happens to your personal essentials?

I've been curious about this for a while. When you're being a bridesmaid at a wedding, typically you are in a dress that doesn't have any pockets in it, but neither are you carrying a handbag or anything like that.

Do you leave your essentials (things you normally take with you everywhere like your wallet and house keys) at the house/hotel/wherever you got dressed up for the wedding, have someone else who is going to be at the wedding to look after them for you, or what?

Moreover, if as part of the celebrations there's a disco or similar evening function where there's a bar then, given that you don't have your money on you, what do you tend to do when you want a drink?

It would be good to hear stories from a variety of past bridesmaids, ranging from relatives of the bride/groom who attended with other family members to personal friends of the bride who traveled alone from out of town to be there and fulfill the role.


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  • You put it in your bra or underwear


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