If a girl gets a lot of online attention (DM's) and such, does that make her attractive or do guys just want anyone?

  • she's attractive
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  • Guys dont care, they just want attention
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  • could be both... but it all depends on what u get in such DMs

    • Gus flirting and stuff. One guy managed to talk casually only to admit it was an excuse to "slide in". Another guy after talking for a while said something about how we were attractive people. And i said I was just average and he said you definitely are not just average. In general I get so much attention now and when I was in Hs I never did. So I guess I always thought I was average.

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    • Yeah i dont

    • hope for the best and prepare for the worst kind of deal... ;-)

  • Depends

  • Doesn't matter tbh.

    Girls only reply to some haha.

    • So you'd message anyone basically?

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    • Well I wasn't attracted to some of them but became friends with like 2 or 3. I don't even use social media anymore lol

    • Okay xx

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