How can I look like I care?

every time a girl, or even anybody for that matter, brings up something that they find extraordinary (like clothes and shoes) I personally couldn't care less. but I'm pretty sure it shows. my mind goes blank and I feel bored, which probably means I look it. how can I fix this?


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  • like anything? music? politics? things you actually are interested in too?

    because it would be understandable if you didn't care about clothes and shoes.


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  • I started, studying fashion and became interested in what your typical girl is interested in.

    Not because I liked any of the stuff, but because it gives a man conversational fodder.

    If you can talk to a woman, and learn to speak like a woman. If you know what she knows, and talk like her friends are used to talking to her, the greater the chance you have to getting laid.

    Don't look at it as something stupid, because lets face it, who gives a damn, look at it as a means to an end.

    I can't stand watching golf, but ill bet you if you told most men that by watching golf, knowing golf and understanding golf that it will get them laid, every man would eventually start to LOVE it.

    First it becomes a means to an end.. and then it becomes something you LOVE.. so its not like your lying or being manipulative... because in the end you ACTUALLY like the stuff.

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