What Hairstyle can you suggest? I need something modern but not on the fringes of society?

I probably had more bad haircuts in life then good ones. I can sometimes get good ones by requesting a normal clean cut look, then using hair wax for shape.

But I live in a humid environment, my hair is weak but not thinning, Dirty blonde in color.
when it grows the sides and back grow faster then the top. I also wear glasses.

I have a thin face, white skin.

I want to drop a name of a hairstyle, with mid-level maintenance that any hairdresser will recognize.

Can anybody suggest a name?


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  • I do not have a precise name, however, if you are aware of the actor Matt Smith, it sounds like wearing his style of haircut could suit you nicely. You should probably avoid any longer hairstyles and stick to the short ones, (Though probably avoid anything partially or fully shaved as well.) Good luck! Hope your locks turn out well!


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