How Should I Cut My Hair? :)

Hello.. Well I wanted to cut my hair before I go back to school but I don't know how should I. I have long hair its about to the shoulders, and I want to cut it not too short ether. Well my question is which kind of haircut is girls more attractive. :o Please post some picture links of hair styles you'll would chose for your boyfriend or whatever. Thank You xD


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  • link

    I really like more short hair.


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  • okay...first off

    there are unlimited amounts of hairstyles...and most of them exist because it looks "good"

    it all depends on the definition of good...and what kind of girls you want to attract...

    you can't attract a shy girl with full mohawks with liberty spikes...


    not all hairstyles suit a person can really look good with a curly hair...but they don't necessarily look good with curly which case many look good with curly hair...

    so it all depends on if you can pull it off or not...some look good with short...some curly...some just long...maybe even

    just go to a hair salon...and try to go to a decent place...not somewhere that is just around the corner...go somewhere with a certain class of its own...and ask them if they can find a hairstyle that suits you or amplifies your...charms...

    thats what I did for my hair...and its looking good so far...after you know what suits you... (ask a friend for second opinions)...try to recreate that hairstyle on your own...or go to the local salon and tell them how they should cut it...