Some kids are not suppose to get certain type of encuragment by their parents?

Really bothering me latly, a friends kid of mine think she is super model material, and so do her mother. And yes I know evey kids are they parents best kids ever, but this kid 17 year old behave like a little fucked up diva, and think she is the centre of the universe of all men.
She even set her standard so high that she have started to tag the huge model agencies in her instagram pictures, and poses with underware and bikini.
Her mother think she is an amazing singer, but at best she's a little above avrage, and her looks.. Well thats an entire story in itself.
Her mother, whom I woild assume is somewhere between crazy and crazy actually goes arround commenting how her kids ass is so amazing, and thst she could be a super-model.
I so so so so feel like telling them both the raw honest truth. It may hurt, but right now it seems like the best for them both.
She is simply a spoid bratt, and I fear my kid whom is best friend with the kid sister of this girl, will learn this bad manners, as neither the mother nor the sister is to improve very soon.
It's a shame, cause the little sister have potential to be whatever she wants to be, unless her mother desides to screw her life up. So, help, what should I do? Should I tell them, or should I leave be?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I think I would leave it be, but have a talk with your own daughter about your family's values and expectations. Also, if their mother is neglecting or pushing your daughter's friend to do things she doesn't want to, you could volunteer to take the little sister on some sort of outting with your daughter to help encourage them in positive ways.

  • They are not your family. So why bother.

    • Cause they are consider to be close friends of my girlfriend. And well, It's just annoying to listen to the same topic every time they are over for dinner and with us in general.

What Guys Said 1

  • They won't believe you. Save yourself the headache. You might try to give the younger daughter some encouragement to be a fully developed person.

    • I do agree, but they should come with a notice and a pack of aspirin

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