Damaged Hair Repair?

I used baking soda and peroxide to remove my dyed hair color didn't suit me big mistake my hair is dry and breaking a bit what can I use to repair it is know I will need a trim later. what the best products for repair?


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  • use products with keratin and biotin. you should also use moisturizing products along with leave in conditioners and hair masks. you shouldn't use any heat on your hair (blow drier, flat iron, curling iron, ext. depending how bad the damage is you should take 1-3 inches off your hair as well and no more coloring ( you should get it done professionally or get supplies from Sally's not in a regular store). you need to let your hair grow out and get all that very damaged hair fully out.

  • Use oil treatments.

  • Use various oils on them and scalp-massage your hair.
    Coconut oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil... They all do a good job.
    I also recommend you to add avocado to your diet.
    You should also avoid dyeing your hair for a while. Regular trims will also help


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