What do you think of onesies/sleepers?

My wife and I bet over a baseball series every year, and this year I proposed that if I won she should wear a onesie on a date. She thought that was weird, like I wanted her to be a baby (we also make other jokes along these lines, so there is a little more context). I want to respect her and honor her if she doesn't like it, but am having trouble explaining why I wanted it (I lost the bet and had to shave my beard). So:

Guys: Are you attracted to girls in onesies? Why?

Girls: Do you like wearing onesies? Think they are fashionable? How do they make you feel?

To clarify, I wouldn't like the ones that look like a saggy diaper, but the ones that fit better. I also like the idea of unzipping her from it.

Thanks! Just trying to put my own thoughts into better words.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I haven't worn a onesie since I was 7. I do not think they are fashionable.


What Guys Said 1

  • not fashionable for in public but could be a cozy sexy kind of thing


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