Do you like this hairstyle for guys?

I've always put gel to make my curly/wavy hair seem straight
I like my wavy hair now so I am going to experiment just letting it be natural.

is that a good hairstyle to try out? my hair is the same texture do you like this hairstyle for guys ??do you like this hairstyle for guys ??


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  • Its a good style.. this guy has curly hair and I love every style of his TOTAL panty dropper lmfao.
    (guy in pic- Adam Saleh)


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  • Am I the only guy that just lets his hair grow cause f*ck it?

    • no.. I use hair bands to spring it up shorter.. at my height, hair down to my ass just gets everywhere..

    • @anoddtod Well I don't go that far... I do get it cut... I just don't style it.

    • I have almost no choice, curly AF hair.. can't even brush it unless it's wet..

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