Why do guys stare at ladies' faces?

And bodies wide eyed with their mouths open. I have seen this before(with my friends and I) and I want to know WHY? They do not stare at the indecently dressed skin tight clothes girls like this. My clothing's banana republic style wear(which is not any way provocative). Today I wore a dress and some sandals and I was shopping. This guys (a complete stranger, probably 21 years of age) mouth fell open as I strolled by. His eyes darted from my waist, to my legs then to my behind. Finally, his eyes came to my face(their they remained) and his mouth fell wide open. He continued to obviously stare at me, even after I left the store. I was with my mother!

Why do those guys stare at the well groomed "lady like" ones in this manner, but they ignore the opposite type? I am 17 and the guys are 20ish sometimes. I do not dress in that manner, so why are they staring in "that manner"? I dress to avoid that type of attention and LOVE clothes.


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  • Honestly, you'll never completely avoid male sexual attention if you're attractive. Men who have any idea of public decorum, and will take notice without being completely obvious about it. It's only the pig headed who will be obnoxious about it.


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  • less then a second, if a girl is really attractive, we will notice. Is just a way we are. We decide if a girl is attractive based on visual clues.

    Girls don't really decide on visual clues, you guys go off behavior clues.


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