Anyone else feel this way?

Everyone always tells me to "get a haircut" or "put this ointment in your hair". I hate that. I like my hair to just be grown out. Wash it, and sometimes put conditioner in it. I've tried to tame it, and make it look tidied. And I hate it. I hate the look to it. I do get haircuts when my hair gets way too tall, and I look like Bart Simpson. But other than that, I just wash it every couple of days, very rarely comb it, and sometimes use conditioner. Anybody else feel this way? And I know it can depend on what type of hair you have as well.


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  • As long as you like how your hair is and don't mind what others will think, your fine! 👍

  • If you just grow it out and not give it patience it looks trashy and like you dont take care of yourself.


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