Black leggings&furry boots girls, u ever been with a friend who was and had this?

U ever been out with a friend who had that black leggings&furry boots style, and had a player try to run game on her by ignoring her booty&legs in those and not look down so she wouldn't notice, but he can't and when he looked down, his jaw dropped open? If so, what did u think to urself at the moment u saw his eyes go down, jaw drop and realize she'd won against him?
  • I've never been out with a friend who had that style/I have, but no guy like that tried that on her/I have and 1 did, but he DID ignore it, he won
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  • Yep! Thought to myself "Hmph. nice try creep. That's why she wears those!"
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  • Yep! I thought, "Girl, just keep a straight face on him... poker face!"
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  • Yep! I thought, "Hmm, how far's your jaw gonna drop down, jerk? What's the matter, can't ignore that?"
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  • Yep! I thought, "Ohhh, she's GOT him! I thought he'd ignored it... he can't!"
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  • Yep! I thought, "Uggh, that's what I thought. Black tights work on him too."
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  • Yep! I thought "Will HE be the 1 guy who admits he tried it on her, but it won't work?"
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