What makes a women attractive by what she wears?

ok what i mean is what she wears that makes her attractive nothing provocative tho, something more formal look? for example, does a women wearing something sophisticated and preppy make them look attractive?
i know men when they wear suits, man they look super attractive b/c of the sophisticated look and like it shows their figure and I don't know they look clean. lool


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  • I would say that the fit of the clothes on the woman is much more important than what exactly they are wearing. Whenever I see a girl wearing a bunch of baggy clothes it really turns me off.

  • Honestly, I think girls look best in what they like best. I'll be honest, because I like seeing a girl's waist & hips, i have a thing for tucked in shirts, but my BFF hates it. She has to do it for work, & it does look cute, but it's not he& it shows that she doesn't feel right dressed that way. So I like it better when she gets off 7 pulls the shirt out. Don't wear a style you don't care for just to try & make yourself look better. if you like what you're wearing & think it looks good on you, others will too. I hope that makes sense & helps


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