Apparently I've been using the wrong belt?

Ok so i've been using a suit belt for when i wear jeans. Apparently (according to my sister) that is sort of weird or at least not right. So I'm now confused as hell what to wear with jeans belt wise.
Like is this good?¤cyid=1&ppcadref=761030380%7C39786627763%7Caud-302123745541%3Apla-284985842107&_cclid=v3_3c6aa902-538b-5ebf-9336-fdf79799ab84&gclid=CjwKCAjw_dTMBRBHEiwApIzn_EH2KdEqvkvnjlbM2Ku0l890LKWS6a1skgybZeASBAVaGDKAOFqt3xoC0mIQAvD_BwE
It is cheap but doesn't look plastic so I was considering it.. but it does look quick thick (or big?) for the trousers in my opinion. I dunno maybe that is the norm I'm clueless with this stuff. I only wear all black shoes so I'd only be interested in getting a black one.
Could someone help me out and link me a belt that is relatively cheap and looks good with casual trousers?


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  • I feel like your sister is being silly. Think about it. A suit belt with jeans? doesn't that basically mean a more stylish or more expensive type of belt next to what you would call a jeans belt?

    if anything just style the belt with specific pairs of pants, jeans or whatever. It's a case by case thing.

    Perhaps get a different colour rather than black so you have more options.

    From my experience you can get cheap belts that look fine. They just ware out quickly.


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